Hello, It's Yenty here, thanks for stopping by my "About" page and get to know me. I work as a Graphic designer, website designer and Illustrator/Surface designer.
I am a Chinese born Indonesian, I grew up in a multicultural environment. I spend 3 years in Malaysia and one year in New Zealand for my study and graduated with a Bachelor of Graphic design. My career started in Singapore, after working for a year, I moved back to my hometown with a plan to start my own business. Following a few trials and errors, cruising through live events and can't stop the calling in my heart, I bought a one-way ticket and migrated to Adelaide, Australia.
So, why do I love to design and illustrate:
1. Creating something new is addictive, it's kind of like having a baby, and you are the designer. You are in control of everything, you love the process of crafting it and you have this satisfaction when the work is done. The words I use to describe this feeling is "BEAUTIFULLY PERFECT".
2. Solving people's problem is like putting a puzzle together and you are the only one who knows the end visual and it's incredibly rewarding.
3. I keep growing and learning, there is always something new to learn, and inspiration is everywhere. I see things differently, when I go to a concert, I would be thinking how do they create that kind of lighting, what is the effect on people, what are they trying to achieve, etc. Working with clients, I learn about their business and their problems. The knowledge, experience and solution that is presented to me from one client will be kept in my brain bank, ready to be the inspiration for my next project. The sky is the limit, all this keep me excited and motivated.
4. I appreciate good design and praise them, which makes bad design my nemesis. I observe what I see out of my control, when colours, shape, type and the visual puzzle doesn't come along together, it hurts my eyes. And it makes me happy when I came up with a solution, a little bit of tweak here and a little bit of tweak there. 
5. With the skills I have and the opportunities I can see, I am on a mission to make the world a better place. I become my client, I give birth to my baby projects, compiling all that I know and capable of, putting it together into my own "world-class" exciting projects. This has helped me to grow, to have goals, to do research, to learn new tools, to look at the current trend, to know what people are buying and to know what they need, to learn project management, to learn about business and how to grow it, and so much more. 

Other things outside of design: 

I like soy milk with my coffee.
Did I mention I love to travel? 
My eyes disappear when I smile.
I work and collaborate with the right people, I am constantly learning and practice "appreciation" in every aspect of my life. 

So thank you for stopping by, whether you just want to know more about me or wondering if I am the right person to work with, I appreciate it.  
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