Project: Branding & Website Design
Industry: Education
Project Scope: The school’s existing marketing collateral (print and digital) is outdated and does not serve its purpose anymore. The project goal is to give a fresh/new look to its overall brand. Project deliverables: New graphic elements and colourways that can work across all marketing collateral (print and digital) and redesign their exsisting website.
Direct Contribution: Design new graphic elements and redesign their exsisting website - Do market research of competitor websites and user experience, provided site map, content map, wireframe, mood board and design mock-up.
Design Rationale: Their existing marketing collateral is outdated, the new graphic elements will make the school marketing collateral stand out and easily recognised. The young look and feel will relate more to the students and parents, this will also help to promote the school to their potential students. The new graphic elements have fun colourways, combined with the graphics that are fluid and flexible, they are easily applied to any marketing collateral. The new website design, besides having a new facelift, the content shows the school’s vision and mission as a Christian school, reflects more of their student’s and teacher’s experiences and connections. Students and parents also can easily find the information they need with seamless students registration process.
Posters Design
Adshel Design
Cards Design with & without image
Standard reusable template, portrait and landscape with image
Standard reusable template & formal document cover template without image
Website design covering three school locations
Graphic elements for video
Selected wall mural designs
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