I loved to doodles at a very young age, I remembered even the wall in my room was my canvas and I did quite well in my art classes. I never thought that this would lead me to set my career path. When I found out about “Graphic Design” courses, I was so happy and determine to learn it but unfortunately, this course was not available in my small hometown, Medan, Indonesia. Out of luck, I moved on to study IT, a year after that I saw the opportunity to study overseas and thanks to my loving parents, I had the privilege of studying my Advance Diploma at LICT (Limkokwing Institute of Creative and Technology) in Malaysia and later I completed my Bachelor Degree at AUT (Auckland University of Technology) in Auckland, New Zealand.

After completed my studies, I started my working career in Singapore, where I worked as a designer for an educational publishing company that designed and produced study materials for schools. Having lived overseas for quite awhile, I easily adapted to life in this new country and I am very lucky to have been surrounded with great working colleagues that taught me a lot and helped me to grow. I used to go to work early so I could learn & practice drawing with the senior designer. We built a great working team environment, I had the opportunity to help out the production department when they were overloaded with work and the deadlines were near. I learned that good working attitude, great teamwork, good time management skills and constant learning are the keys here. All these were great working experiences that I brought forward to my next job.

Living independently overseas helped me during my working years coming back to Indonesia where I was a sole designer for two companies which I worked for at separate times during that period, dealing with clients and stakeholders personally, maintaining good working relationships with them and maintaining old and new clients on the lists. I communicated personally with my clients, designing and managing the production from the beginning of each project through to the delivery of the end product and I have become a very resourceful person.

I also fed my entrepreneur spirit by establishing three small businesses on the side during that time. I owned a t-shirt brand, a greeting card company, and co-owned birthday-event organization business. I learned much during this time and continue to pursue personal and professional growth.

About 4 years ago, I migrated to Adelaide, Australia. I am now working for a Brand and Strategy design agency, helping clients with their brands and bringing their products to the market using great branding strategies and design solutions, I am involved in the design process for print and digital through to the roll out of the brand. With the design and digital world constantly growing and evolving, I always keep myself up to date with the current trends. I attend workshops for WordPress, I am active on Skillshare and Lynda, I enjoy reading Canva articles + listening to talks at TEDx, Creative Mornings and 99u.

Today, after working as a designer and Illustrator for over a decade, I am really happy to be able to give services doing what I love to do, helping business owners to grow and promote their businesses through print and digital. My entrepreneur spirits never ceased, with the knowledge and experiences I have gained I started a personal project, please visit my online shop selling temporary art tattoos at www.easterncloud.etsy.com

Drop me an email for design/illustration service inquiries. I am also a contributor for Pingg, Glovite, Kess In House, This Is My Kea, and Fine Stationary.


MORE about me?

I like to use soy milk for my coffee.

Did I mention I love to travel? 😉

I use Evernote and Trello to manage my daily work.

My eyes disappear when I smile ;).

Tools that I use to do my work, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Muse(new), WordPress, Keynote, Number, Pages, Powerpoint, Words, Excel.