First Thank You Card

This idea and thinking have been in my mind for awhile. I want to make a thank you card, thanking people that help me all this time, from the day I was born XOXO… sounds like there will be a lot of thank you cards ;).

Below is the latest card that I made using the illustration style that I am quite comfortable and enjoy using. Hope it shows the feeling that I want to deliver, a thankful feeling.

Thank you for stopping by:).


Goodbye 2015 and Welcome 2016

How is everyone doing? Hope all is good and well as the year is approaching for a new page. This year has been a good year for me with ups and down,  I am sure that is pretty normal ;). With that I want to thank everyone that has been around and share their experiences with me, the learning curve is never end.

2016, will be an exciting year, I can see that it fills with lots of new opportunities, new friends and experiences that I am prepares for. I hope you feel the same too. Have a Great Holiday and a Happy New Year 2016.


Yolk Jam no. 001

I am excited to announce a personal project that I am going to “push” myself to do at least once a week. I use the word “push” because I know myself good enough to predict what will happened xoxo, but I am going to do it anyway. As I always tried to do what I said and by posting this post, it would be my promise to you that I would do it.

Here come the first character that I dearly love and wanted to hug. Hope you love him as well.

Until next week then XOXO.


Stickers for IKEA furniture

This will be my first blog post here, happy that I am able to update and gave a new look to the site.

Another good news would be that I found home for some of my characters design. If you haven’t heard about Mykea, they are a company that produced stickers specially for IKEA furniture, yes, just for IKEA furniture. I love the simplicity of their furniture design and adding a touch to the simplicity sounds good to me. Please head to Mykea and you will know which characters have the honour.